Forget the theory, practice will best prepare you for your future profession! Take advantage of the Practice program and get to know firsthand how a large company works.


Would you like to know how it works in a multinational company and learn a lot of new things from practice? We will be happy to show you this as part of the Mentoring program.


We’re able to support young talents in their studies. Do you want to learn something and get a reward for it? Do you want to be sure about your future job? We have prepared a scholarship program for you.

Graduate theses

We’re happy to work with university students on their bachelor’s or master’s theses. Next year, we are also preparing several long-term student internships.

Trainee programme

Are you unable to decide where to go after university? Do you want to enjoy your work and try out different possibilities? Then our Trainee Programme is exactly what you’re looking for.

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We archive all applications we receive and as soon as a suitable position becomes available, we contact selected candidates ourselves.