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What our employees have said about us.

Jiří Černý - drill and off-centre press operator

"I was lucky enough to be there when the company was set up. I like working at LINET and I see great stability in the company."

Petr Krupka - production

"I really found my calling at LINET and I’m doing work I enjoy. I particularly appreciate how helpful our managers are. They’ve always known and still know how to appreciate good work."

Bart de Jong - Manager Strategic Corporate Development

"Linet is an innovative company with strong management. I like this innovative and client approach and its ambitious goals to other expansions. To be a part of Linet team is a challenge for me."

Karel Bradáč - Internal Quality Management System Auditor

"I especially like working at LINET because of its dynamism. There’s always something happening and changing, and the company is continually developing. But the most important reason is that LINET has simply grown close to my heart."

Bohumil Kianička - manual welding

"I particularly appreciate the security LINET provides. It’s a stable employer that stands out compared to other local companies, many of which are laying off employees or even closing down."

Alena Kalousová - logistika – Logistics – Service Cooperation

"I’m happy at LINET and I like our company. It’s a constantly developing company, at which there is always something happening, with new opportunities arising. It provides me with security and stability of employment."

David Chaloupka - production

"I like working at LINET. It not only suits me in terms of financial and social security, but I also work in a good team. Even after 21 years at LINET, I still look forward to going to work when I get up in the morning."

Pavel Kos - production

"LINET has been the certainty in my life for almost twenty years. I’m happy with the benefits the company offers. Over the years, I have also found friends here, and I think we have a really good work team."

Jiří Soukup - Logistics Manager

"I still remember the old plant. The place we’re standing now was a field. You can really see how LINET has grown in that time and how well it’s doing."

Vladimíra Michnová - HR Director

"What’s great about LINET is how it manages to support employees’ professional development. If you expect effective support for your professional development from your employer, you’ll love working at LINET."

Pavla Kosová - forewoman

"I’ve worked at LINET for a number of years and I’m very happy here. We have a great team and I have a good feeling that our products are helping people. It gives my work meaning."

Martin Dressler - designer

"I really enjoy my work at LINET. I started as a manual worker here, but LINET gave me the opportunity for further education, so I now work as a designer."

Marie Neumannová - forewoman

"One of the things I like about working at LINET is that women are also involved in production management and they handle their job very well."

Štěpán Řičica - Head of the Tool and Preparation Shop

"I started at LINET as a primary production technologist, and then moved to the position of Technology Manager, followed by Head of the Tool and Preparation Shop. I’ve found a fulfilling job that I really enjoy."