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What we offer

Keeping costs at a reasonable level, solving problems using modern technologies and living life to the max – there’s a lot to be said for student life.

If you decide to commence your first work experience with LINET, you will not notice too many changes. We not only offer flexible working hours, a notebook with the option of remote connection or discount rates on telecommunication services, but also a contribution towards sports activities, company bus transport or a company canteen with lunch prices from 22 crowns.

We are particularly looking for students who are inquisitive, reflective and creative people with a knack for innovative thinking. At LINET, they have the opportunity to try out what it’s like to work at a leading development and manufacturing company under no obligation, and determine what they truly want to do in their professional life.

A lack of previous work experience is no obstacle, rather an opportunity for us to discover new talent. We motivate all participants in our student programmes to be actively involved in internal projects and joint efforts to find new ideas and solutions. We thus give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience that they can realistically apply in their future career.

Students can see for themselves in the:

We also offer university and secondary students specialised excursions, or the chance to take part in the “Introduction to the World of Work” project. Secondary students can also take part in our S-programme, aimed at providing work experience.

What can we offer you? 

Learn all about our employee benefits, working from home or what our offices look like.

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As part of our team 

What do our employees think about working at LINET and how do they see the company? Take a look…

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How to handle the recruitment process 

We’ve prepared an adaptation programme for new employees and preferentially open new job positions for our current employees.

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