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Introduction to the World of Work

Imagine you’re a year 8 student, who will soon have to make an important decision on the direction you want to go in the future. But how do you make sense of the huge number of available fields and choose the right one for you? Through the 12-month programme “Introduction to the World of Work”, LINET will help you get an idea of how the real working environment functions.

The programme is designed for year 8 students and aims to actively acquaint students with the possibilities of the labour market and selection of technically oriented schools.

Students and teachers are provided with a mediated view of practice, the working environment and specific job positions or activities. During planned lessons, students are acquainted with career opportunities and topics relating to the company’s lifecycle.

The attractiveness of the programme for students lies in the fact it allows them to create their own ideas of future employment and has an extensive impact on their choice of profession.

Opportunities for students 

Internships, trainee programmes or supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Opportunities for students

What can we offer you? 

Learn all about our employee benefits, working from home or what our offices look like.

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Career growth 

We welcome the growth of our employees and provide the conditions they need to do so.

A career at LINET