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Opportunities for students

LINET tries to fully support university students in their personal and professional development.

LINET is a Czech manufacturer and supplier of high-tech hospital technology. Ensuring first-class production means employing a whole range of various professions and experts. These specialise in a wide range of fields – e.g. information and communication technologies, industrial engineering or intellectual property management.

Opportunities for graduates, Trainee Programme

University graduates can join several programmes at our company. While the Trainee Programme is only designed for graduates or students in the final year of their course, the Mentoring programme is open to all university students, in all years. We also offer all students a helping hand with the realisation of their semestral projects.

Mentoring programme

We regularly post a list of topics suitable for bachelor’s or master’s theses on our website. Students can choose from these topics or we welcome students’ own suggestions and ideas, which we are happy to help them realise. Our experts can either act as supervisors or consultants on students’ work.

List of graduate theses

Are you a university student? 

Each year we accept students for our trainee programmes. We work with them on their bachelor’s and master’s theses and open new job positions.

Opportunities for students

How to handle the recruitment process 

We’ve prepared an adaptation programme for new employees and preferentially open new job positions for our current employees.

For candidates

Master’s theses 

Topics for the supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Bachelor’s theses