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Forget the theory, the best preparation for your future career is practical experience! Join the Mentoring programme and learn for yourself how a big company works.

The aim of the programme is to show students the real corporate environment and what a job entails. The student visits the company and “shadows” his/her mentor, accompanying them throughout their normal working day, taking part in meetings and negotiations, gaining new experience and skills, which can be immediately applied in practice.

Thanks to Mentoring, students can become involved in specific projects and become part of a functional team. Linet’s expert mentors primarily work with the Czech Technical University in Prague, where cooperation is based on agreement between the student and mentor. Thus, the time schedule and subject of the student’s work is always based on the student’s individual preferences, and it is not unusual for active participation in Mentoring to bring an offer of other forms of cooperation.

Are you interested in this offer and further cooperation? Send your CV and a covering letter to jobs@linet.cz.

Trail period 

What you can expect during your trail period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job

Why work for us 

A general overview of what we do, what we offer, and everything else you’re interested in about the company.


Are you a university student? 

Each year we accept students for our trainee programmes. We work with them on their bachelor’s and master’s theses and open new job positions.

Opportunities for students