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What we offer

You won’t experience a boring, stereotypical job with us – we’ll give you the opportunity to grow with us.

Dynamism, creativity, development – these are the main attributes of work at LINET. We are a company founded on innovation; we are continually developing, growing economically and entering new markets.

We’ll show our appreciation for your work and ideas

Are you hard working and can show results? You can be sure that we’ll see and appreciate your efforts. Our system of monthly and yearly assessments will enable you to obtain interesting bonuses on top of your standard salary. We will also financially reward good ideas and suggestions for innovations.

Personal and professional development

Those who don’t grow become stunted, and no longer enjoy their work. But that won’t happen to you when you work for us – you’ll have the opportunity to improve your foreign language skills, communication skills and to further your education in your field.
We’ll also give you the opportunity to learn or improve your managerial skills. And above all – we won’t let them lay idle. Thanks to our regular annual assessments, you’ll be able to show your potential and we will give you the room to do so.

Flexible working hours

We are a result-oriented company. In many positions, we allow employees to set flexible working hours to meet their personal and professional needs. In much the same way, we also try to accommodate employees on parental leave, who can also take advantage of the company’s nursery.

Benefit system

We expect maximum performance from our employees and we know how to show our appreciation. Not only in the form of a regular salary, but also in the form of numerous employee benefits.

Benefits are not limited to job positions and are available to everyone. Employees can choose the benefits that suit their needs.

Do you want to compensate for a sit-down job? We offer support for sports activities. Do you have a family now, so you’re trying to save and plan for the future? We’ll provide a contribution to your supplementary pension scheme, a meal allowance or other financial benefits. Do you want to improve your qualifications? You can receive up to 8 thousand crowns a year from us for language courses. Do you want a healthier lifestyle? Take advantage of our Health Days, where you can have a blood test, have your vision checked, undergo a physiotherapy examination or consult a nutritionist.

Don’t hesitate to ask for further details of benefits at your interview. We’ll be happy to acquaint you with the extensive catalogue of benefits our employees can choose from.

Opportunities for graduates 

Join our trainee programme after completing school.

Trainee Programme

Trail period 

What you can expect during your trail period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job

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