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What we do

We trade with the world

Our products significantly help in the treatment of patients and facilitate the work of healthcare workers, carers and people caring for their loved ones in a home environment all over the world.

Our products are offered through 14 subsidiaries and more than 40 business partners in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Export is vital for us and everyday communication with our foreign partners and customers is reflected in the overall working environment. Work can thus provide numerous opportunities to improve language skills, travel and meet interesting people.

Production and export: an opportunity for everyone

Intensive trade with foreign customers places a great emphasis on the quality and safety of our products, and the ability to adapt them to the individual needs of clients and individual market standards. A quality technical and administrative base is therefore indispensable for us.

For hospitals and care facilities, we are not just a supplier, but an expert partner. We provide them with service and consultation services, as well as advising on many professional training activities such as training for healthcare staff and business partners.
We exhibit our products all over the world – this is an excellent opportunity for us to meet with our business partners and customers, and get to know new ones.

Our company therefore offers career opportunities for a variety of professions, especially with a sales, engineering, electro-technical, biomedical or healthcare orientation.
As well as a whole range of specialists in various fields, we also regularly seek support in administration, for the service, sales or economic department, our customer centre and quality control.

You will find a current list of sought positions on the Job Vacancies page.

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Opportunities for students 

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Opportunities for students