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The company’s vision

“Be an object of desire, not just choice.”

Only the positive perception and emotion our products and brand arouse in our customers can secure our advantage over the competition and bring success. Our corporate culture also positively affects the desire to work at LINET.

If our products and services are to be the object of desire and not mere choice, we must also be able to measure this desire. That’s why we need to better understand the needs and wishes of our customers and employees and systematically gather feedback from them on our strengths and weaknesses.

Company values

UNIQUE: Reaching ever higher

We don't compete on the market with prices, but with technological advances. Each of our products and services incorporates unique features that the customer won't find anywhere else.

SIMPLICITY: One look is enough to understand

The technological features of our products and services are in step with the everyday reality of clients. There's no need of complicated explanations, because customers immediately see them as the answer to their problems.

PASSION: We know what clients need. We give them what they desire

We work transparently and predictably in relations with the customer. We don't leave unanswered questions; we fulfil our promises. We make sure that cooperation with our company is not just another business transaction for the client, but a positive, emotionally charged experience.

CONFIDENCE: The competition is no measure

We believe in ourselves. We have no doubt about the quality of our products and services. We don't mention competing manufacturers or compare ourselves to them, unless the customer wishes us to do so. Our sales arguments are based solely on a perfect knowledge of the client's needs.

TRUST: We play by the rules

We comply with legislation and we don't use unfair business practices. We treat not just our customers, but also our business partners with deference and mutual respect.

Our products 

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