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A career at LINET

LINET will help you grow personally and professionally

Each year, our company conducts an assessment of all employees. We have found the best form, long-term, to be an open dialogue between the employee and their superior. During this dialogue, the participants jointly assess the required level of competencies, overall activity and approach to work. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to deal with employees individually and help them realise their expectations in terms of their work, personal assessment and professional development.

If there is a feeling of insufficient self-realisation, we try to accommodate employees by offering them a range of further education in the form of requalification courses or training to expand the opportunities for their career development. We also personally consult the possibilities of personal and professional development at the company with each individual employee.

We want to be an object of desire 

Our vision is to be an object of desire, not just choice. How are we doing this?

Our company’s vision

As part of our team 

What do our employees think about working at LINET and how do they see the company? Take a look…

Our team

Trail period 

What you can expect during your trail period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job