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What you can expect during your trial period

Graduates and students in the final year of their university courses can join the Trainee Programme, which will kick-start their career.

What exactly is the Trainee Programme? This is a 12-month programme, which is divided into several stages lasting from one week to 2 months. We always place emphasis on individuality and the preferences of the individual, which is why individual stages and times spent at a specific workplace are divided with a view to the candidate’s particular interests.

Each trainee is employed full time and the aim of the programme is to provide them with a complex overview and understanding of the operation of the entire company. Through their activity, trainees have the opportunity to meet new colleagues and gain lots of valuable experience. The trainee’s final placement is determined just before the end of the programme, so that it corresponds to the skills they have gained as closely as possible.

Opportunities for graduates 

Join our trainee programme after completing school.

Trainee Programme

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Trail period 

What you can expect during your trail period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job