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Graduate theses

We’re happy to work with university students on their bachelor’s or master’s theses. Next year, we are also preparing several long-term student internships.

Based on previous academic cooperation, our company works on the systematic and specific assignment of final student papers. We not only work in technical fields, but also medical, economic and chemical disciplines.

We regularly post a current list of proposed topics on our website, from which students can choose according to their interests. We also welcome students’ own suggestions and ideas, and are happy to help with their realisation. Linet experts can either act as supervisors or consultants on the student’s work. The specific type of cooperation always depends on individual agreement and the student’s needs.

LINET has currently announced the following topics for graduate theses:

1. Human resources

  • Comparison of Czech and EU labour law from the perspective of central legislative administration in the Czech Republic
  • The possibilities of setting up and implementing a motivational system for international sales teams
  • The impact of the multicultural environment on human resource management from the perspective of the Czech employer

2. Production and industrial engineering

  • Modern industrial engineering methods in practice

3. Quality management

  • Effective input control management
  • Nonconforming materials management
  • Inter-operational versus final checks of products
  • Release of new items into serial production
  • Production of prototypes and test series
  • Automated final electrical checks
  • Data collection from the field – form, evaluation

4. Development and design

  • Control electronics for the bed of the new millennium (trends, hi-tech technologies, ICT)
  • An electric motor with a noise level below 20dB
  • PLM (Product Life Management) systems, their development, use and implementation in modern companies
  • Bio-decontamination of reusable medical devices (need for active English for consultation on the topic with British colleagues, although the final paper can be in Czech).

If you are interested in any of the above topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget to include your current telephone number, the expected submission date of your paper and enclose your structured CV.

Contact person:
Petra Michálková
Tel.: 312 576 498
E-mail: petra.michalkova@linet.cz

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