Working for us is not just about
sitting in front of a monitor.
We’ll help you grow.
Come join us.

We stayed

We want students and graduates to be happy with us. We motivate them to be actively involved in problem solving and let them work with the most advanced technologies. Meet some of those who stayed with the company.

You won’t miss out 
on the privileges of student life

Quality results can only be expected if employees have corresponding conditions. That’s why we try to accommodate students and graduates working for us by offering them benefits that mean they don’t have to give up all the privileges of student life. Read more about our employee benefits and working for us.

(And what if you’re successful?) 

Perhaps your interview at LINET will be your first. There’s no need to be nervous, but if you want a better idea of what you can expect, read our tips on how to prepare and what you can expect in the first days after starting your new job..