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European market leader

LINET spol. s r.o. is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of hospital and care beds. The company was founded in 1990 by Zbyněk Frolík, one of the most notable and respected figures in the Czech business sector.

In 2011, the company became part of the LINET Group SE holding, which is based in the Netherlands. The holding company was founded by the owners of Linet spol. s r.o. and WiBo GmbH. Each year the holding manufactures 66,000 beds, which are exported to more than one 100 countries through its foreign branches and partner distribution network.

LINET is also the holder of numerous prestigious domestic and international awards including the European Business Award, Innovation of the Year, Outstanding Design Award, Manager of the Year, Company of the Year, Czech Top 100 and others.

Who are we looking for?

LINET’s road to global success began 20 years ago in a small workshop. The company achieved its current position by looking for new ideas and the will to overcome obstacles in putting these ideas into practice. And that’s what we expect from our employees – the desire for self-realisation, healthy self-confidence, innovative thinking and the ability to push through changes. If you have these qualities, we’ll be happy to recognise them at LINET.

How to handle the recruitment process 

We’ve prepared an adaptation programme for new employees and preferentially open new job positions for our current employees.

For candidates

Trial period 

What you can expect during your trial period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job

We want to be an object of desire 

Our vision is to be an object of desire, not just choice. How are we doing this?

Our company’s vision