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Our team

We highly value all our employees and believe that the success of our company goes hand in hand with their satisfaction.

That’s why we strive to create ideal working conditions and support their professional development.

Vladimíra Michnová, HR Director, HR Personality of the Year 2011

“The great thing about working at LINET is how the company manages to effectively support the career growth of each employee that shows a genuine interest, and is even willing to make certain sacrifices to achieve this end. I joined the company at the beginning of 2007 as an expert member of the HR team. Today, I head that team as HR Director within the whole LINET Group SE. If you expect effective support for your professional development from your employer, you’ll love working at LINET.”

Štěpán Řičica – Head of the Tool and Preparation Shop

“I started at LINET as a primary production technologist, and then moved to the position of Technology Manager, followed by Head of the Tool and Preparation Shop. I’ve found a fulfilling job that I really enjoy.”

We offer our employees numerous interesting and useful benefits. From various competitions and company activities to home office and special bonuses.

We want to be an object of desire 

Our vision is to be an object of desire, not just choice. How are we doing this?

Our company’s vision

How to handle the recruitment process 

We’ve prepared an adaptation programme for new employees and preferentially open new job positions for our current employees.

For candidates

Why work for us 

A general overview of what we do, what we offer, and everything else you’re interested in about the company.