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What we do

Our company’s business strategy is built on the in-house development and implementation of innovative solutions, thanks to which we can offer customers products and services with high added-value.

We are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities for technological synergy across various fields – this is the only way we can maintain the required dynamism, a competitive advantage and annual growth.

In terms of sales, export is vital. Besides Europe, we are also focusing more on developing markets in South America, the Middle East and Asia, where we are intensively looking for new business opportunities, partners, the chance for presentation, etc.

Therefore, apart from standard managerial skills, we highly appreciate candidates with excellent language skills or know-how and experience that can support our business in these markets.

We want to be an object of desire 

Our vision is to be an object of desire, not just choice. How are we doing this?

Our company’s vision

How to handle the recruitment process 

We’ve prepared an adaptation programme for new employees and preferentially open new job positions for our current employees.

For candidates

Trial period 

What you can expect during your trial period and how our adaptation programme works.

Commencing your new job